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July 4th
Ten men go to dinner.
Where were the people?
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Wednesday, 10 January 2007
Jeffrow's BLOG
Mood:  lucky
Topic: FREE at LAST!

Hi there everybody! It’s been a very strange week for me. I missed a show last Saturday night at the Alexandria Eagles, and I want to apologies to everyone for that. I truly hated missing that gig, but I was in jail last weekend, so unfortunately I did miss the show. I know you are all wondering, how does a super nice guy like Jeff, get thrown in jail? Well, let me tell you, it’s easier than you might think. I have 3 kids living here with me, so my X wife pays child support to the Madison county court every week. Well, every now and then the court drags her back in to see if they can squeeze more money out of her. And this time they sent a subpoena to me to appear in court to show my situation to the court. Well, long story short… I got the letter back in September, I was supposed to be in court on December the 14th. And I forgot all about it. Well, the judge sent FIVE-O to my house last Friday night at around 10 p m to remind me. They had a warrant for me, for Failure to appear. Contempt of Court.  Translation… From Friday night till Monday afternoon I was a guest at the Madison County Jail. And it was a real f..k.d up experience, I must say. This whole thing has given me a new appreciation for what I have in my life. My family, my freedom, and everything else.  It was a very humbling experience in deed… My new theme song is (Bad Boys) from Bob Marley!  ROCK ON everyone… And watch out for the Poe Poes…

Posted by wantedband at 1:06 AM EST

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